The People

Fay Easton

Fay manages the events and business growth for the StartUp Hub and is a real champion for entrepreneurship. If there’s a route to business Fay will help you find it and take the complexity out of it all – she is business buzz personified!

Fay Fact: Fay is fuelled by Red Bull, bakes a mean cake and is eternally puzzled by the word ‘no’!

Carol – Business Advisor

Carol is Managing Director of her own Management and Business Training Consultancy. Passionate about people reaching their peak performance in their businesses, Carol brings a wealth of business knowledge to our new start ups.

Carol Fact: Carol loves to help people solve their ‘People Puzzles’ through motivation, inspiration and direction. She also is living proof that the ethos of continual learning keeps a healthy, stress free mind and body

Tom – Business Advisor

Tom is a Start Up Mentor with the Hub. Tom will help you work through your business plan in a way that suits you. Always positive and encouraging Tom will be a great pre-start-up business buddy for you!

Tom Fact: Ex Royal Air Force, Tom is driven by entrepreneurial precision and a recent claim to fame was a feature on a newspaper front page for finding buried treasure!  He finds this in all his mentees also!

Sue Williams – Website Designer

Sue designs three page websites free of charge for our start up entrepreneurs. A WordPress expert living locally to the Hub who loves to help people get their businesses online and does not abandon them afterwards! Kind, clever and a tech whizz, we’re so lucky Sue loves working with us and our new entrepreneurs.

Sue Fact: Sue works her magic in getting businesses up the Google ranking. In just 4 days recently, she moved a business website from nowhere to Page One of the search results!

Matt Eccles – Business Advisor

Matt is the owner of his own PR & Comms Agency, a former director of communications with the Manufacturing Advisory Service, Matt has incomparable skills and knowledge to bring to the aid of our aspiring entrepreneurs. . A Business Growth Voucher Advisor, Matt also has an insight into the world of government-supported extra business support. Creative and politically astute with the most amazing book of contacts, Matt gets ‘on the case’ of many a new start up with breath-taking results

Matt Fact: Matt is a start-up entrepreneur himself, his new business CAST IRON COMMUNICATIONS provides him with strong experience and a steely view into the world of the fledgling start-ups (like the puns?!). Generous to a fault and blessed with the ‘ideas gene’ Matt is the right strong man to have on-your-side for a business brain storming session.

Jo – Head of Business Systems

Jo aims to help business owners find time to work ON their business and not IN it. We outsource all our day to day document management, database systems and administration to Jo who makes short work of the longest of lists. Quite simply, Jo is the backbone of the business; she takes care of the small stuff and the big stuff looks after itself.

Jo Fact: Jo is a champion for work-life balance she dances (yes Salsas actually) through our work/life and is a joy to work with and the perfect Mumpreneur role model for her own two children

Moe – Chief Mentor

Moe is a published author, business strategist, mentor to the FTSE 100 and successful entrepreneur in his own right.  Moe works tirelessly for our fledgling entrepreneurs. He has developed Mastermind Mentor Group sessions for our start up business owners and this has proved to be a fabulous and productive way for 12 new business owners to flourish and thrive.

Moe Fact: Strategic advisor and Mentor to the FTSE 100 leaders, Moe has created one the most dynamic learning communities in the world through his mastermind groups. The entrepreneurs and leaders in his communities help each other to learn. Since Moe has been running his communities of mastermind groups, taking a very conservative figure even by cutting it in half Moe has increased revenues in excess of £760 million.

Sheila – Business Advisor

Sheila is a SFEDI Accredited Business Advisor, experienced in training and coaching and an entrepreneur herself. A self employed company owner with her own business that operates across the region, Sheila brings her own business skills to assist our start ups.

Sheila Fact: Sheila believes that personal and business development should be fun and in all our dealings we have never yet seen her NOT SMILING.

Andy Parkes – Business Advisor

Andy is an experienced entrepreneur supporting new business owners of all ages. With a lifetime of skills acquisition as a high ranking Police Officer, Andy founded his own ‘new career’ in entrepreneurship based in Telford and with a portfolio of business interests including working at director level with a local Housing Association and founding vibrant business development training models. Andy is a brilliant and empathetic Start Up Mentor and is supreme at confidence building for ‘any age’ entrepreneur.

Andy Fact: Andy lives in rural Telford and is often to be found energetically working on his own patch of the English countryside.  He’s many-a-time called upon to support fledgling entrepreneurs out of hours and with his family, his chickens and his fences to fix, we know not how he finds all the time; but we are eternally grateful that he does.